rather blue

two stepper motors (resonating on the piano's surface),
two mechanical high voltage relays (fixed on a resonant body),
prepared tuba (with 13 meters long rubber hose),
violin, bass clarinet, piano,
ensemble musikFabrik, Hannah Weirich, Carl Rosman, Ulrich Löffler


Sara Perez, Laura Cocks, Dustin Chung and Sean Dowgray
in the gallery Space 4 Art, San Diego
on 8 August 2013


flute, trumpet, bass-clarinet, bassoon, trombone
ensemble proArte
cond. Fedor Lednev

almatiki daechta

voice solo
Natalia Pschenitschnikowa


a study for stepper motors resonating oh the piano surface
perf. Alexander Chernyshkov